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Have your ever given a thought of how live could be with out a friend ? If you have not take a few second to imagine,  its like living in a lone valley that has a live less existence, if you have no friend , you should equally take time to asked yourself ‘ why’ this question should make your analyse your behavior and make a turn point within your personality ,
Its so secured to have a friend, that’s . thing of a devastating time when your your relative or anybody related to you have an emergency and you need argent assistance , its so create nessacity that will make you thing of who to run to for help now if you thing you can live in isolation then this will be a lesson learn in the hardest way



Live take another perspective when you let it , its from this create friends that I found myself freed depression that kept on patrolling in my brain ,
This was a blessed day , a moment after the time we departed from the alter , and resided to have a few unscheduled moment , working aimlessly purposely to release some sort of weeks pressure , and get prepared for a new week .
I can believe , I saw unfamiliar site in my familiar resided , was this quarry existed before? Perhaps it did but I found not time to explore it before .
I think am becoming a srenger in my home om too embarrassing I thought myself,

Freed day

Looming , and charming moment on a day that marks transition from the weekly routine to a weekend , I send in eye to inspect the city overview its actual wow! The business is as usual guys trying to conclude the days business before a ample rest day. ,

Its by no means an african third world country set up , that have this kind of routine , in other nation , 24/7 economy is the order of the day however we need to rest bet not over rest , time is not  factor but a function of dev keep watch


Long around our personal live , we get oboblivious sence of what overwhelming underscore our live performance however we need to give a flashback our past encounter. This will take us to our incidence in the past reflection of our day to day effort

This is the only way the future will be perceived and given a score , step by step moves give the best target and a meaningful mindset to the expected truth of the charming future.